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Let Amazon Sell Your Book for You


Well, you finally published your book. Now, you are doing all the things people say you should. You've sent out review copies. Set up an author page on Facebook. You are posting to your social media daily. You write posts for your blog every other day and you check your sales. Right after launch there were a bunch of sales, but when you add them up, they are about equal to your family and close friends. What went wrong?


You forgot about the most important part of promoting your book. You forgot to optimize your sales page for the Amazon book store environment. Think about it for a moment. Who do you have on your social media networks? Your friends and relatives and maybe their friends and relatives. How are you going to reach people you don't already know? Well, you could do national advertising. But that is expensive. What about promoting your book inside the Amazon store?


In this course, you will learn how to use Amazon's own search engine and other promotional tools to sell your book to Amazon's 75 million monthly visitors. You will learn how to


- Optimize your description to make your book easily found in the Amazon Search Engine


- Pick keywords that precisely target those readers looking for a book like yours


- Add book details which add to your visibility


- Find out why nothing sells like "Free."


- Let each book sell every other book


- Use Amazon's own promotional tools


- Build a brand attuned to the Amazon Search Engine


This is an email based course. When you finish your payment at Pay Pal, click to return to this website. You will be taken to a page where you will learn how to receive your lessons. You can also email me at terrimain@outlook.com after you finish check out for more information.


The course starts June 11. You will receive lessons on Wednesday and Friday of each week. Each lesson will have assignments that lead you step by step through the process of promoting  your book in the Amazon store. They will be critiqued by the instructor personally to help you shape the best page possible.


This course is just $5.00 for a month of lessons.