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Wordmaster Courses use the latest distance education technology to make learning fun and easy. Our courses are all self-paced allowing you to arrange your learning around your schedule. Video, print and interactive learning experiences provide the student with an optimal learning experience. Whether you are an visual, auditory or hands on learner, our courses have something for you.



Ridiculously Simple Self-Publishing. This 10-Lesson course covers the process of taking your book from manuscript to published Kindle ebook. "Consultants" are charging up to $4,000 to do what you can learn to do yourself. Registration fee: $20.00.


Quick and Easy Query Letters. If you write magazine articles, then you need to know how to write an effective query. Most magazines require a query letter prior to you sending in the article. Queries also offer the side benefit of not having to write your article until you get a commitment from an editor. Fortunately, query letter writing is quite easy. In this course, you will learn how to write the Five-Paragraph Query Letter. Registration Fee: $5.00 (Includes critique of one query letter)


Facebook and Twitter and Blogger, Oh my! If writing ever were a solitary activity, it isn't any more. From networking with other writers, to researching stories to connecting with fans, maintaining a social media presence is an integral part of today's writing life. This course covers all of the major social media and how to optimize your presence. Learn how to create a Facebook page, build a blog, use Twitter and more. Registration Fee. $10.00


Nonfiction Writing. Just about anyone with a decent command of high school English can write and sell a magazine article. Even today, there are thousands of magazines and online publications looking for content. You can learn how to provide that content.This step-by-step approach takes you through the process of writing and marketing your first magazine article. Registration fee includes Query letter writing course and a critique of one 2500 word article. $20.00


Writing Your Novel YOUR Way. Talk to five novelists about how to write a novel and you'll get five different approaches. Six if one went to Oxford. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? The answer is all of them. Each of us have certain personality styles. This course takes a different approach. Instead of assuming everyone will succeed with one approach to planning and writing a novel, it helps the writer discover his or her own best strategies and make the most of them. This provides a step-by-step guide to novel writing from three common writing perspectives planning, improvisation and guided improvisation. We will also explore how different learning modalities affect writing such as auditory, visual and hands-on. You are certain to find your own pathway to publication in this course. $20 registration fee includes exercise critiques.