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So, you are interested in publishing your own work. That's good. Many writers find that they can do much better financially as an indie writer than going the traditional route. The royalties are higher and you have more creative control.


However, many worry that it is too complicated to do on their own. Unfortunately, there are plenty of "self-publishing companies" more than willing to take your money to "help" you get into stores like Amazon and Barnes Noble online. What they don't tell you is that self-publishing, though hard work, is ridiculously easy to do. Many charge you hundreds of dollars to format your novel. However, if you can create a Microsoft Word file, you have all the skills necessary to format your work for Kindle.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to publish your book to Amazon as a Kindle ebook. These techniques are transferable to most other online publishers as well. Although, we'll discuss why you might want to stick to Kindle exclusively at least for awhile.


Some Topics Include:

Free tools to use to prepare your document

How to create a cover like a pro without using Photoshop

Self-Editing techniques

Format Your Book in a Half Hour or Less

Setting up a Kindle Account

Understanding your Kindle Dashboard

Setting up your author page

Doing it all for Free


 ... And More

You can spend thousands of dollars to get this done by a self-publishing expediter or spend $10 and learn how to do it yourself.


Special Price $10.00



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What People are Saying About Ridiculously Simple Self Publishing:


"Seems like I have always been pounding my head against the wall, getting nowhere.  I am an indie writer.  I have 17 E-Books published on Amazon.  I am still paying someone to format my files, create my book covers and to edit the book.  Those days are no longer.  I have learned, with the help of Terri Main to format my file for Kindle.  I honestly never thought I could do that.  I had to publish on someone's else's schedule.


I would fully recommend Terri Main's course, Ridiculously Simple Self Publishing course .  I also have learned to self edit and create a book cover.  With a little time and commitment, it can be done.


Thanks Terri for letting me move forward with my writing career and not going broke while having a career as a writer."


Sharon Lee Johnson