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Step One: Open your document in MS-Word

Step Two: Click page layout and change margins to "0" on all sides.

Step Three: Set the style on your headings to Heading One

To do this highlight each chapter heading and click on Heading 1 in the list of styles found on the home tab of Office. You can change the default for the style by right clicking on the style name and changing the settings.

Step Four: Remove any tables or bulleted lists.

Step Five: Make sure all photos are place "inline." That means that the text goes above and below it, but doesn't flow around it.


Step Six: Remove any extra carriage returns. There should be no more than four in a row.


Step Seven: Be sure each chapter ends with a page break. (Control-Enter)


Step Eight: Right after the last line of the title page add a new page by hitting Control-Enter.


Step Nine: Place a cursor at the top of that page and click on the Reference Tab. Then click on table of contents and Custom table of contents. Remove the check from the box to show page numbers and check the box to use hyperlinks. Change show levels to "1". Click OK.


Step Ten: Upload to Kindle.


Step Eleven: Don't proceed to the pricing page or publish just yet. Wait until conversion is complete and preview the file in the previewer. If you removed all the special formatting like bullets and tables it should be, but sometimes there are hidden characters that can mess things up. If you don't see any problems, hit publish. If you do see them, go back and correct what you see wrong. If there are major formatting problems proceed to the Nuclear Option.


The Nuclear Option


This approach removes all hidden characters, but it also removes all formatting including italics and bold face. So, use the other approach first.


Step One: Open your file and save it under a different name. You want to preserve the original file as a reference when replacing formatting.


Step Two: Highlight everything in your file by hitting Control-A.


Step Three: Copy the entire manuscript to the clipboard by hitting Control-C


Step Four: Open a new blank Word Document.


Step Five: Paste it into that document using the command Control-V


Step Six: Restore your previous formatting and format as in the above instructions.



How to Format

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