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It seems like everyone teaching novel writing wants to teach you THEIR way to write a novel. It works for them, so it MUST work for everyone. Right? Well, educational research shows that different people have different learning styles. As a teacher, I have had to adapt my lessons to the different ways my students learn.


Writing is no different. Each of us approach writing a novel differently. Some need detailed plot outlines, but others can't plot without doing so in narrative form and end up writing the first draft of the novel. Others need a skeleton outline that sets forth the highlights but nothing too detailed.


This is a different type of Novel Writing Course. You will learn the basics of novel writing, but you will be encouraged and guided to find your own writing style and approach to the process. You will work with your writing personality throughout the course. Whether you do best with detailed outlines and intense planning or are better when you set out to discover the story as you write it, this course will help you get that novel out of your head and onto paper (or screen).


This course is self-paced, but with the assistance of an instructor who will provide feedback on exercises presented throughout the course. However, the course is flexible enough that you can study on your own schedule and even take a break and come back to the lessons at any time.


Topics covered in the course include:


The Writing Process

Framing your Premise

Developing a Story Arc

Determining Point of View

Creating Characters

Building the World of Your story

Plot Patterns

Scene Structure

Planning Your Novel: Planner, Plotter, Pathfinder?

Writing the First Draft

Dealing with Writer's Block


Showing and Telling

Powerful Language



Back Stories and Data Dumps

Plugging Plot Holes

What to Cut and When

Proof Reading

Final Formatting


This 15-Lesson course takes you from story idea to edited manuscript always giving you several options that fit  your style of writing. Each lesson is comprised of 2-5 short "coffee break" video lessons of no more than 15 minutes each. You will learn incrementally in easy to digest segments using the latest in interactive distance learning programs designed for ease of learning. And in addition, your instructor is just an email away. The course launches August 25 and lessons will appear at a rate of 1-2 a week. However, you can work through them at your own speed and they will be available to you indefinitely as will your access to the instructor.


Courses that offer fewer features charge hundreds of dollars. However, I know that as a young writer getting started, I couldn't afford that and was blessed with finding courses that fit my budget. I want to give back some of that. So, I'm offering this course for just $20.00. However, for the Christmas Season, I have reduced that price to just $10.00 until January 15.


Just use this payment link to get the discount. This is a PayPal link. However, you do not need a PayPal account. Simply click on the link that appears on the next screen that says, "Don't have a PayPal Account?" and you can pay using your credit card. Once the transaction is complete, email me with the transaction number, and I will send you information about logging into the online classroom. My email address is webservant2003@gmail.com . I will be sending out instructions and a welcome to our first students a few days before launch to the email address you provided when checking out as well.


I hope you enjoy the course.







Terri Main has thirty years experience teaching creative writing and journalism at the college level. She published her novels through both traditional publishers  and through indie publishing.  This course is  valuable regardless of the approach to publishing chosen by the novelist and Terri can help you shape your writing for either path to publication. She has been called one of the three best writing teachers in the state of California.